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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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to cut; as doublet in Md*pMn, cut cuts to cut, see khf*
phdng, near; pMng ritn, near the house, I, 3*
(Sh, pke to spread out], to pervade, III, 20,
t£ (Sh. the same), to err, sin; Pasi^ jp/nX sinnedj I, 10, 21.
phra (Sh.phdt a flat«tone), a rock ; fain phrn jfftitb, a mass of white rock^ Moufii
'Meru, 111,16,
(Sh, pMi)s to ^o} walkj 77 iphrai-kd, went, II, S; shung phrai'fa'&shi, it
(it) had gone, II, 9; phrai9 (used) to g», 11, 4; j^mi .   .  . jafrkei,  (I)
have walked, 221
f^ffiw (Kh. and Sh, pMlt), interro^, pron, ulior, 02; Hk-kM phraR, \rhose boy ?,
239; 2u£ phrait, from whom ?, 210; phnta-nai, what now ?, when, I, 8,15, 22;
as an indef, pron., phrab nd-fcipt a certain field, I, 12; phwt kun-phring,
what multitude of persons, how many persons, 1,16 ; phratl hm* no one,
1,14; phraft pai mi, there was no ones III, 4; phraii pai, the sames III, 14.
phrl (SL pkls Siamese j?J)3 a ghost (II, 14); a devil (61); an inferior deity,
III, 11,
phring (Sh. the same)j to be many; used as a suffix to form the plural as
pMng, persons, 1,16,
phrum (Kh. and Sh. pfaum, Siamese pMm)^ hair^ 39.
phrung (Kh, and Sh. phung, a bee), a honey-oomo, HI, 12, 22.
phu (Sh. and Siamese the same, in Eh. pM is used to designate the male of birds)
a man, a male person; used as a suffix of gender for human oeings, the coir©*
sponding feminine suffix being ml; phu-l&ng9 here wed as a generic word with
a numeral, a male31, 36; Mn-phu^ person maie^ a man, 1,1,11,12; 51;
di phu, person good male, a good man, 119—122; pku-ai luk-man>
elder son, the elder son91, S3.
phu (Kh. and Sh. the same), to float; phfaphdnjau, he floated on miseTys became
indigent, 1,10.
phtik (Kh. and Sh. fee same)8 white, III, 10; m pMfo  m& the saddle of tlie
white horse! 226.
phfar0-tf#$, (Kh. andSh, phr$,c£, Burmese, torf, pronounced plra) God, 60,
Of. phd.
pi (Kh. and Sh, the same), a year; 2tf£-jpf-a«, son year first-borns eldest son, T, 41,
M-sMng f% mu mun mi> what year time past-time nows for how m0ny yeat%
1,43; fo-pl-l&ng, before year one, a year ago, II, 8; ship pit p% 'eighteen
years (old), II, 10.
jpj (Kh. and Sh. the same, Siamese phi), an elder brother (I, 8, 4; 49) or sister;^!
&&i3 elder hrother, I, 3; pl-^ung^ elder, sister, 50.
jji (Kh» the same), fat (H.).
pik (Kh, ping-hu), the ear, 38.
pin (Kh. and Sh. the same), to he, exist, become. III, 11,19, 20 -$ pmt was. III, 18
7,15,18 ; pin-jan, it was (sunset), II, 7; pm-koi, it happened, II, 9; used to
form potential rerbs i Jcan-iko pin Mt-mun3 (that) I may be able to rejoices lit
(that) I become to rejoio8s Is 46; ]&<w pm-u9" I may ,be, 172; font
I may strike, 194,